Jan Buckram Frame Hat

Available as a Pattern. Image on the left is shown as bare frame ready to be covered. Click through images on the right to see pictures of the Jan frame completed.

Jan Pattern Description: The Jan hat is another that perches atop the head. The crown is slightly higher in front than in back. Brim is larger in front than back. Very cute when brim is curved upward in the front. Although the inspiration for the hat is Victorian, this can also be used for low-crown Eighteenth Century hats.

Fashion plate inspiration for Jan 1892- from the book Shoes, Hats & Fashion Accessories - Grafton

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Option 1:
Jan Hat Pattern Only :
includes frame and cover patterns and comprehensive instructions $10.50 each

Option 2:
Jan Hat Kit Price:
includes complete pattern, 2 ply crown buckram, 19 gauge cotton covered millinery wire, and bias tape (enough for one specific hat). Does not include heavy duty thread, curved and/or straight needles or glue. $30.00 each



Option 3:
Completed Jan Hat Frame Only: Completed crown and brim frame out of 2 ply crown buckram. You cover it and do the final assembly yourself.  Frame shipped in two pieces (brim and crown) for easier assembly and covering. Note: Pattern and instructions sold separately - recommend purchasing pattern as well for instructions and cover pattern
$26.00 each



Option 4:
Completed Jan Hat Frame Plus Pattern:
includes completed frame as in the above description plus frame and cover patterns and comprehensive instructions $33.50 each





Crown Height: 1 7/8 inches back, 2 1/8 front
Brim Width: 2.5 inches back, 4.75 inches front
Overall brim length front to back: 14 inches
Brim Circumference: 44 inches
Total Length of Wire Req'd: 88 inches