Hat Patterns & Frames
About Denise Nadine Design Patterns

All patterns include comprehensive instructions and both frame and cover patterns (where applicable). This makes building and completing the hat much easier.

Now, anyone can make a hat without any special training!! You just need to know how to sew.

A Word About Hat Foundations:
A hat foundation can be made from a variety of materials including 2-Ply crown buckram, 1-Ply buckram, cloth, crinoline, straw, felt, and more. Or, they can be constructed from a mixture of materials. Cover in the fabric of your choice.

Denise Nadine Design Foundations:
Buckram Frame Patterns are designed for 2-Ply crown buckram and 19 gauge millinery wire unless otherwise specified.

Fabric Patterns can be made from any fabric or as specified in instructions.

Straw Hat Frames coming soon.

Note: Each pattern has an individual page with detailed information. From there, you can add it to your cart.

Check out the hat inspriation page under Learn to Make Hats!

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Buckram Frame Hat Patterns
These are flat patterns designed specifically for buckram and wire construction. Once completed, they make very sturdy hat forms.

Fabric Hat Patterns
Cloth patterns are for fabric and make
a softer, more pliable, and less
structured hat.