Sally Buckram Frame Hat Pattern

Available as a Pattern. Image on the left is shown as bare frame ready to be covered. Click through images on the right to see pictures of the Sally frame completed.

Sally Pattern Description: Sally is a Riding Hat or Low-Crown Top Hat. The crown is wider and lower profile than the Betsy. Sits lower on the head but not all the way down unless you have a small head. Pattern comes with two brim widths, 2.5" or 3". This hat is perfect for Victorian (especially 1860's), Steampunk, or Elizabethan.

Fashion plate Inspiration for Sally from Shoes, Hats & Fashion Accessories - Grafton

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Pattern Price: $10.50 each - includes frame & cover patterns and comprehensive instructions


Crown Height: 3.625 front & back
Brim Width: 2.5 inches or 3 inches
Overall brim length front to back: 13" (2.5")
Brim Circumference: 39.5 inches (2.5")
Total Length of Wire Req'd: 90 inches (2.5")

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